30 Days of CSS Girls

February 26, 2019

Specs Reading: CSS Snapshot 2018

Welcome to the first day of CSS specs reading.

We’ll list out which sections we’re reading for today. And we’ll list out a few questions for you to find answers within today’s reading.

There is no “answer keys” to those questions. We will not provide an answer sheet, neither. The purpose is to lead a few questions that you may use as a guideline. i.e., after reading today’s sections, you should gain a fair understanding about those questions.

Please join us for a discussion in the channel about what you learned through today’s reading. You are more than welcome to write a blog post, too! As Dan Abramov tweeted:

If you feel like you’ve learned something in the past few years I deeply recommend starting a blog, if only to catalog your thoughts.


Note: Today’s sections include this page only. You don’t need to recursively read all the referenced page yet. Feel free to read more, though, if you wish.


  • What is CSS?
  • What is CSS Snapshot?
  • What are the three levels of stability a CSS document has to pass through? What happens during each of those phases?
  • What are CSS Levels?
  • What is CSS Level 3?
  • Where do Vendor-prefixing Unstable Features come from?